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Before we dig in to the benefits of lemon for healthy beverages, let’s explore world of lemons first.  You will find it very informative.

Lemons are the most widely grown acid species belonging to the citrus group of fruits.  Lemons rank number three in production tonnage and have been used for generations because of its therapeutic properties.  Lemons are rich in vitamins B and C and have a cleansing effect on the digestive system.  There are several 3 basic ways to blend your healthy drinks and the benefits from using lemons and drinking lemon water.

Healthy beverages some blending tips

For a lemon tonic, boil 3 sliced lemons in 16 oz of water, until the liquid is reduced by half.  Cool slightly before drinking and add honey or a natural sweetener like stevia to taste.  This health beverage will purify the blood and expel toxins from your system.  It also helps to cleanse the system and serves as a great liver tonic when drank in the morning. This healthy beverage is great drink after a massage or yoga session.  Drink healthy beverages like this tonic every morning will help flush the bladder and break down bladder stones.

Add fresh lemon slices and the zest of half the lemon in an 8 oz cup of water.  This healthy beverage will serve as a great antacid, aid in digestion and helps control bladder and kidney infections.  Also, mixing lemon juice with olive oil helps to dissolve gall stones.

Healthy beverages lemon is best

When it comes to healthy beverages, lemons lead the way over all other fruits for therapeutic value.  Lemon is known to strengthen the immune system and helps relieve symptoms of colds and flu, just like vitamin c that you get from an orange. This beverage can also be useful in treatments for other infections.  Drinking lemon juice and water also benefits ulcers on the tongue and in the mouth.

As a health beverage lemon has high potassium content and will encourage the heart action, so lemons in general are useful for heart problems.

Finally, besides the benefits from drinking lemon juice and water, lemon has tremendous healing properties and it is a natural antiseptic.  Use it on cuts and scrapes to stop infections from spreading.  Use it to stop bleeding when you cut yourself shaving.
As always, a little is a good thing.

Always check with your medical provider before changing diets, especially if you have a medical condition.

Drink lemon and water for one of the world’s best healthy beverages.
Learn all about healthy beverage solutions in our new book titled Healthy Drinks Guide 2013.

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Water Enhancers- Are They Really A Healthy Drinks Alternative?

Water enhancers- Are they a healthy drinks solution?

Flavoring water using water enhancers

Water Enhancers A Healthy Drink Alternative?

Water is an essential part of life- all life. Many people today are severely dehydrated from drinking everything BUT water. The problem, or rather the complaint often heard is: water doesn’t taste good. A bad taste in your mouth makes it hard to want to indulge in something, even if you know it’s good for you.

Here is something interesting.  It’s been proven, many people today that think they are sick, could very well be dehydrated. Making water taste better helps a great deal when it comes drinking more water. A new trend today in your grocery aisles has been what’s called affectionately, “water enhancers”. These are really convenient and can be put into any bottle or glass of water.

Water enhancers quick test for healthy drinks

When it comes to water enhancers in general or healthy drinks in particular, here is a simple acid test to determine if what you are thinking about drinking is really a healthy beverage solution.

If you can’t pronounce it, or it uses the description “ose” don’t buy it.  Typically these are chemical ingredients.

If it looks pretty and colorful, stay away from it.  Usually these are food coloring dyes

If you see artificial sweeteners, buy something else.  These have been proven to be worse for you than the calories you save

You have to be your own judge and jury when it comes to healthy beverages.  When it comes to the acid test and a score of three out of three should tell you, don’t buy it, don’t drink it.

Water enhancer review

Now that you know how to measure healthy drinks, let’s review water enhancers. Water enhancers are flavored consumables you can drop in your water to give it flavor without deflating the value of the water. They come in a variety of flavors to tempt any palette, and this stuff really makes the water taste good. You’d be surprised how hydrated you will get when you actually like the taste of your water.

Some say water enhancers don’t add a bunch of junk into your water; they just put the good stuff in there. Others say watch out for the artificial sweeteners and especially the food coloring/dyes they contain.  Water enhancers contain both artificial sweeteners and food coloring dyes.  We think these water enhancers could have been developed more on the healthy side by eliminating the food dyes and replacing artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners.

Some water enhancers deliver an energy boost, others come with vitamin, like orange flavor with vitamin C, so you not only drink your water; you get things often void in bottled water like minerals and vitamins! These elements are removed in the filtering process, but home filters leave enough in there. There are plenty of healthy water enhancers out there for you to buy.

Here is the best part of water enhancers.  Just squeeze the flavoring of your choice and enjoy your favorite flavored waters!

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Health Drinks Guide 2013 Publishes For The New Year

Healthy Drinks Guide 2103

Healthy beverage solutions to healthy drinks

Healthy Drinks

A great reference manual for healthy beverage solutions

“Healthy drinks” is one of the most popular search trends in Google for 2012.  Why wouldn’t it be?  Considering we drink over 13,500 calories a month, or just under 500 calories a day.  That’s about 30 pounds of weight loss we each gain a year from high caloric beverages,

Healthy Drinks Guide is all about healthy drink solutions.  The book is great for Dieticians, Nutritionists and Educators struggling to find low carb healthy beverage solutions and alcohol free drinks.

The book is great for health conscious consumers, dieters and diabetics and yes, even designated drivers.

Dieticians, Nutritionists and Educators worldwide teach “avoid using sugary or high caloric beverages like pops, juices and sodas”. Healthy Drinks Guide leads you into the world of flavorful low carb healthy drinks and beverages and introduces you to the world of 0 calorie, 0 carb flavoring additives and substitutes that enhance the taste of your favorite beverages and foods.

Healthy Drinks Guide

Provides you great tips, insights and recipe examples for learning how to blend your own low carb beverage solutions, or alcohol free drinks that taste just like the real thing!  This is not just a recipe book.  We teach you how to create and blend you own healthy beverages you can drink every day, as well as what to look for when you pick up a beverage, to determine if it’s healthy or not.

A simple and easy to use guide for understanding today’s beverage problems, which beverages to avoid and why, while letting you discover easy to make, easy to use healthy beverage solutions. 

Here is a short list of some of the highlights in our healthy drinks guide:

Understand what the latest category in the beverage industry: “breakthrough beverages”.  What are they and are they good for you or not

Learn all about the health care industries greatest secrets and best healthy drink solutions

Discover the category of weight loss waters that are also brand new

Discover the world of 0 carbohydrate flavoring substitutes and additives

Open the lock to hundreds of ways to flavoring substitutes that provide that exact alcohol flavor you love, with 0 alcohol and start creating the best tasting alcohol free drinks you could ever imagine

Find out why Dr. Oz drops his blue agave recommendation and learn the latest new research for artificial sweeteners and which natural sweeteners to avoid and use

Why health conscious consumers, dieters and diabetics share common problems and solutions when it comes to healthy drinks

Plenty of sugar free tips and ideas to help you blend healthy beverages every day

This is a great reference manual you will want to have and use frequently. 

You can get your copy at our introductory price of only $3.99 at our website  The guide will be published and available 1/12/2013.  Start the New Year off with a great healthy drink tradition for 2013 and quit drinking yourself fat.

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Healthy Drinks Guide

Welcome to our blog on healthy drinks.

Our Healthy Drinks Guide will publish before the New Year 2013.


Healthy Drinks Publishing

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